Jun 4, 2015

Heroes and Hearts 2013

written by Carl Feltham
in category Sculpture

I was commissioned to mosaic a ‘heart’ with over 2,000 tiny white hearts made painstakingly by hand and stuck onto the ‘heart’ by the patients in the children’s ward of Poole Hospital.

The tabletop heart, called ‘Kimeta’ ( meaning sparkle), was 17 inches tall, weighed about 28 lbs, was part of a public art event ‘Hearts and Heroes’ in San Francisco and situated in Macy’s window in Union Square during the event. The ‘heart’ was auctioned on Valentines day and sold $15,000 for the San Francisco Hospital Foundation.

‘ It took 27 hours door to door to deliver the heart via coach, car, two planes, taxi, bus and lashings of tea waiting for connections and flying to travel the 5,341 miles for this wonderful cause. I have been asked why? Well, I know from previous public art projects art really can make a difference. I fell in love with San Francisco after finishing my degree at Winchester School of Art and knew I would be back. The States doesn’t have the NHS like Britain and working within hospitals and hospices here, I know what great work they do and wanted to support projects that will make a difference’.