Grace the Moth

The Idea

I was commissioned by North Point Shopping Centre to work with their chosen school, Cleeve Primary School, to draw to together the children’s designs and create a mosaic moth for the trail.

‘Grace’ is a combination of designs drawn by pupils at Cleeve Primary School after researching Amy Johnson and the era she lived in.  The collection of designs were finalised into a display inspired by the glamour and culture of the 1930s, detailing buildings and patterns and many elements were incorporated into the final design.

The Results

Working with the manager, Louise Smith, of North Point Shopping centre, we ran mosaic workshops for the Yr 4 pupils to create individual ‘fan’ elements using a variety of materials, mirrors, tiny beads, glass mosaic tiles. Each ‘fan’ was slightly different and I mosaiced them together on the moth – this detail was based on their original drawings based on 1930s famous fan pattern.

The moth  was inspired by the 1930s, has a limited colour palette of red, black and white, mirrors and the eyes  were mosaiced in Swarovski crystals for added glamour and to catch the light in the main Atrium of the centre.

The moth called ‘Grace’ is part of the sculptural trail in and around Hull. ‘Grace’ the moth is situated in the main atrium, North Point Shopping Centre, Hull.